Forever in Bloom

Your feet may no longer leave footprints where you go,
but the seeds you planted are still growing
and the light you shined in this world is still glowing
…in our hearts and our gardens.

May your memories be eternal.

D. Michael Brock
Kathleen “Kady” Duncan
Juanita and Ernest Fletcher
Andrew John Hercula
Patricia Izzo
Bashar Kallabat
Marsha Leach
Sophia (Peggy) and Floyd (Bud) Leach
Diana Lenk
Martha and Stanley Lenk
Eric Loubert
Barb & Bob McDonald
Dorothy Lynne Meier
Ryan O’Guinn
Barbara Ann Price
Olivia Sky Radyko
Melvin and Marie Ritter
Steven Smith
George Thanasas
Alexander and Ellen Tzouras
Cindy Vickrey
Deanna Mary Seifert 1982-1992

And for every child whose innocence, light and life were prematurely taken from them—be it through violence, mishap, injury or illness. May their memories be eternal and may their gardens bloom forever in paradise.