Isabella's Gate by L.T. Lenk

Isabella’s Gate is an important children’s book about self-discovery, self-love, and self-actualization—the application of those universal principles.

Isabella’s Gate is a children’s (and children-of-all-ages) book. It’s a story about a young girl, named Isabella, whose inquisitive mind and persistent nature opens a gate to a new world that opens her eyes to a beautiful reality that exists beyond physical appearances. This book and I have journeyed together for 20 years before it became what it is today. Like a sculpture, it was always there in its purist form, but I had to chip away at it and remove all that it was not, until all that it was meant to BE remained.

I have been writing stories and poetry since I was young, but it was not in my plan to write a children’s book. This story found me, and thankfully it would not leave me be until I honored it by committing it to paper. Its growth became a significant part of me and my growth. A lot can happen in twenty years, and Isabella’s Gate has been with me for the entire duration—even when it rested in drawers between edits, it was always with me. The world has changed, and yet Isabella’s Gate and its inspiring universal message is as powerful and meaningful as it has always been. This book may be even more important today, with the state of the world and the escalating societal pressures placed on children (and adults) to conform to certain, so-called norms. This book is not about resistance, it’s about persistence in seeing, being and loving who you truly are.

L.T. Lenk

Chapter One Preview

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